Who Uses Life Coaching?

  • Coaching clients are healthy, capable, competent people who are in charge of their own lives. They are open to discovery. Anyone who desires positive growth can benefit from Life Coaching.
  • People in transition can sometimes feel overwhelmed. A job change, a move, choosing a college, even the happily anticipated time of retirement can be a change that creates the question, “what next”? Identifying the next step sounds easy, but our “human being-ness” sometimes creates roadblocks that obscure our alternatives. A qualified Life Coach can be the light that shines on the possibilities.
  • Sometimes we just feel stuck, and the reasons seem outside our understanding. We live in a complex world, and we all have times in our lives when we may feel confused. This doesn’t mean we are broken or need “fixing”. A qualified Life Coach can shine a light on the path which allows the Coachee to continue moving forward through and beyond these periods of confusion.
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