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My experience with Dottie as a life-coach has been wonderful. When we first started working together, I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea of how to get there. I felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. Through various conversations and exercises, Dottie helped me write my own path. I now have a small business I love, and I finally feel I am on the road to knowing my purpose and happiness. I may have gotten here eventually, but I could not have made so much progress so quickly without Dottie’s coaching.
– Judy B, Organic Grocer
My husband and I enjoyed the Solutions Coaching “Relationships” class that Dottie taught very much, and we both feel that we came away from it with new insight on our marriage and what makes each other tick. We still refer to points that we learned in the class, and that has helped us to appreciate each other, and keep those little things more in perspective! Taking the Solutions Coaching class was a great experience and a surprising benefit to our marriage. 
– Terry and Debbie 
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After I retired Dottie and I talked about identifying hobbies and activities that I had been putting aside for years. Not that I suddenly took up tennis again, but I did make travel plans, and reached out to old friends. I also decided to join a walking club to be more physically fit and healthy, and now I can’t remember how I ever had time to work.
– Jack J, retired Attorney
The life coach I have is very honest, and easy to talk to. She was able to ask questions that I would have never seen as important, but those questions helped me figure out so many things. The Coaching process turned out to be more beneficial than I expected, and I had to let my parents say “I told you so”. I’m excited to be returning to college with some real goals for my Junior year, and after!
– Margaret S, college student
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